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Spitting Image Photography was created with our clients in mind. We want to provide personal service in a private and intimate setting. It is our desire to get to know you and your family as we work together to capture the pure essence of your personalities. Capturing memories you will treasure for a lifetime.

It is through the artistic ability of the Photographer to visually create a perfect photograph, but this takes much more than just releasing the shutter. An expertly trained Photographer knows how to control the highlights and shadows within a portrait and can manipulate the manual settings of a camera to create visually pleasing images of unmatched tonal ranges.

Our studio will only employ Educated photographers. Though it is not our platform that you can be taught artistic ability or that it is possible to teach someone how to see. Education is an important aspect of this business. It offers our client that something "EXTRA." Our work is a direct reflection of or abilities. You wouldn't trust your heart in the hands of a "self taught" surgeon, why trust your memories to a "self taught" picture taker.

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